Gabe Lane · Vocals, Guitar
Jon York · Guitar
Adam Smith · Bass
Ian McConnell · Drums, Vocals
Caleb Chabot · Keyboards, Synth
Softer is no longer a band. Several members have rejoined with former Lowfive bandmates in various configurations to form the bands Barrows and Fellow Celebrants.
Portland, ME
In a 2 year metamorphosis, the cracked skin of Lowfive gradually peeled away to reveal a shiny young Softer at its core. Largely as a result of a relocation, multiple roster changes, and personal growth, the band abandoned nearly all of the music written under the old namesake, instead focusing on material written with the newest lineup. Several years had left the band unstable, and an EP recorded in early 2003 (as Lowfive, with ex-members Jason Unterreiner and Sean Higgins) sat shelved, as the band embarked on an ep of new material, entitled "The Hunger Artist".

It was at this time, as the band was finally defining itself as a maturing group, that unresolved tension bubbled up and caused the group to melt down in mid-2004, resulting in some time off. With a lack of communication and an abundance of frustration, I took this opportunity as my exit from the band. Shortly after, the band made it clear that they wanted to hide/ignore their roots, and that they were capable of doing everything on their own without any outside help. I dropped them from the label after all the hooplah, which in turn left the label directionless for the remainder of the year. Adam left Softer around the same time as I did. After taking some time to get back onto their feet, the band continued to play around Portland for another year or so with former Lowfive bassist Charles Long filling in on bass duty. They recorded a few more demos/eps in this time.
Cursive, Death Cab For Cutie, The Snake The Cross The Crown
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