11.06.2010 >> Baltic Sea on FreezingProcess Podcast
The Baltic Sea discusses their upcoming full-length Period Piece, the writing process, and kids these days.
02.24.2009 >> Animal Hospital on WMBR Pipeline
On-air performance by Animal Hospital at WMBR's Pipeline.
01.27.2009 >> Arms and Sleepers on WMBR Pipeline
On-air performance by Arms and Sleepers at WMBR's Pipeline.
07.31.2008 >> The Baltic Sea - WCYY Spinout Interview
Excerpts from an on air interview with The Baltic Sea on WCYY about their album, release show, and the current state of maine music!
04.13.2008 >> The Baltic Sea - Monswoon
Track 1 from ER005: Through Scenic Heights and Days Regrets
11.06.2007 >> Motionless - Motionless EP (zip archive)
Hi-fidelity mp3 rips of Motionless' self-titled EP. Includes artwork and helpful links! ENJOY and SHARE!
09.12.2007 >> Motionless - Winter Heat
Track 3 from ER004 Motionless s/t EP.
11.30.2006 >> Motionless - The Windmill (zip archive)
Hi-fidelity mp3 rips of both the initial web release AND the cd release of The Windmill by Motionless. Includes artwork and helpful links! ENJOY and SHARE!
04.11.2006 >> Motionless - Politics of Resignation
Opening track from ER003 "The Windmill" (pre-master web release version)
11.22.2005 >> Sparrows: Swarm and Sing - Live set 07.02.05
Recorded live, ERS#019 @ Westbrook ME American Legion Hall, July 02, 2005.
02.01.2005 >> The Thrift Syndicate - Give My Regards To Paradise
Track 5 from ER002 "Payback Soundtrack"
12.22.2003 >> Softer - 1913 (video)
Music video intended for The Hunger Artist ep... before the track got cut from the release! Oops!
09.10.2003 >> Lowfive - Calico
Rough mix of track from ERW01 Threnody ep.
06.06.2003 >> No Friendo - 10 Second Saturdays
2003 demo track intended for re-recording on their debut EP (which never happened).
10.06.2002 >> theReactFactor - Skylines Trail
Track from their self-titled ep. Check out for more tracks from their self-released EP as well as bonus mp3s.
08.09.2002 >> Lowfive - Lie Down With Dogs
Track 1 from ERD02 "V2 demo". Demo track for upcoming 2003 EP. First recording with the full 5-piece band.
03.23.2002 >> Lowfive - Never Say Goodbye 2.0
Re-recording of Lowfive's cover of the Impossibles song. With much better production than the version recorded during the Demolicious sessions, this track is included in the Impossibles Tribute Project [].
03.19.2002 >> Lowfive - Jesus Sunrise [demo]
A near final demo from the new Lowfive album. Still not mastered or mixed for the last time, but pretty close to it.
03.15.2002 >> Shadybrookdrive - Later Comes Too Soon [demo]
Get a sample of Ericrock's newest project. Less rock, more good. This is just a demo of what will hopefully be an EP this summer.
02.26.2002 >> Lowfive - Action Reaction [demo]
This is a demo from the new Lowfive album. Nowhere near the final version really, but it is definitely enough to give an accurate representation of the new material.
01.07.2002 >> Lowfive - Overcome
From Lowfive's Demolicious demo. Summer 2001.
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